Hollis Bufferd Vistage NYC Key Executive Member

May 13, 2016

This month we feature Hollis Bufferd, Chief of Staff for GSG Financial since 2005. GSG Financial partners with organizations to facilitate capital acquisitions through personalized service and customized financial solutions.  They are mainly focused on equipment financing. Their CEO, Andrew Bender, is a member of the Vistage NYC CEO peer group. Each month they both get to hear the same expert speaker give a workshop sharing best practices and thought leadership in separate meetings. This gives them the opportunity to discuss new ideas and actions to take together to optimize their business.


Hollis was the first senior manager hired by GSG Financial in 2005.  Over the past 11 years, she has contributed greatly to growing the organization as well as managing day to day operations to ensure the stability and development of GSG Financial.  She is manages with a hands on approach and willingness to get involved in all areas of the business. Her drive and multidimensional capabilities make her an ideal member for the Vistage NYC Key Executive group.

When asked about her decision to join Vistage, she replied,

“I decided to join Vistage because one of the major challenges I was facing was not having other managers in my organization to troubleshoot and use as a sounding board.  Vistage provides me with an opportunity to interact with other executives, get advice, and learn something from the speakers. I think I benefit the most from a having a peer group to go to for advice in a trusted setting.   I have been a member for about 8 months and I believe that I have become a better manager as a result.”


John Kneafsey Joins Vistage NYC Key Executive Group

March 25, 2016

John Kneafsey is the Vice President of Finance at Laufer Group International. LGI is an international freight forwarder, customs broker, and NVOCC (non vessel operating common carrier). They are known for challenging conventional wisdom and daring to create new innovations for logistical solutions.

LGI has a culture of Vistage membership and CEO and owner, Mark Laufer, highly encourages his employees to participate in the culture of peer collaboration and excellence. The Vistage Key Executive Group facilitates an exchange of peer perspective and expert insights that provide members with the knowledge, strategic thinking and confidence to help each one play an even stronger supporting role in their company’s future.

john kneasfey-1

With over twenty-two years of experience in the industry and as a registered CPA, John joined LGI in November of 2015. John can already tell that, “joining Vistage will give me access to valuable resources that I could not get anywhere else.”

Elana Reiter Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor: Banker

March 17, 2016

Elana Reiter is Senior Lender, at TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®. She is responsible for working with middle market companies throughout the NY Metro area to create customized banking solutions, including structuring loans to help finance working capital, growth, equipment purchases, leasehold improvements and real estate acquisitions.

horse head-1

Elana has been in the commercial lending space for the last ten years and has been a member of Vistage NYC’s Trusted Advisor group since 2013.

Vistage Trusted Advisors not only help their peers but are also a resource for Vistage CEOs in New York who may want a second opinion or to to gain fresh perspectives, solve problems, and focus on opportunities. Other members have recognized Elana for her professionalism and being an exceptional advocate for her clients.

NYC Vistage Trusted and CPA, Steven Nicokiris of Mayer Hoffman, McCann, said of Elana that, “there’s just nobody that has the sincerity and the dedication that she has to get deals done.”

Thank you, Elana!

Eric Ribner Joins Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor Group

March 7, 2016

Eric Ribner is a SVP, Senior Advisor, at Multifunding. Multifunding has one goal: to get small businesses financing that works.The company works with hundreds of lenders across the country in order to find the best loan for their client’s business. MultiFunding puts clients in contact with their network of lenders, and uses their expertise to help close the right loan for the client.

eric ribner-1

Eric is an expert on a wide variety of finance related issues, with a strong understanding of complex industrial companies transferable across industries. After graduating from Tuft University and then Columbia Business School in 1995, he has spent the last twenty years working in a wide variety of finance related positions—from equity analyst, to portfolio manager, to financial advisor, to CFO, and now as SVP, Senior Advisor. This professional diversity within the domain of finance has equipped him to truly understand the needs of NYC CEO’s.

When asked what he hopes to contribute to other NYC Vistage members, he responded, “I’ve seen a lot of different industries and a lot of different businesses. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work. I look forward to contributing my business sense and professional experience.”

Eric’s financial perspective will definitely be a benefit to all of our group members. Welcome to the group!

Dominic Maurillo Joins Vistage NYC CEO Peer Group

March 2, 2016

Dominic Maurillo is responsible for leading the development and execution of Milrose Consultant’s next generation growth strategies and the day to day firm management. Milrose is the leader in municipal permidominict expediting and building code consulting in New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Philadelphia, and Connecticut. As one of the largest municipal expediting firms, Milrose provides a turnkey solution for all of their clients needs. Milrose clients know that if they have a question, Milrose Consultants, Inc. will have the answer.

Dominic’s business acumen (an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business) and experience with companies like Morgan Stanley will provide a valuable perspective in the CEO group.
When asked what he hopes to gain from Vistage, he replied, “Peer collaboration and sharing of practical and proven methods and skills that help drive continuous personal and professional growth.”

It is with that commitment to excellence and expertise that Dominic is joining our CEO advisory peer group. We are thrilled to have Dominic as a new member. His outstanding financial service skills will be an essential contribution to our members.

Inside the Power of Peer Advantage with David Schwed

February 25, 2016

David L. Schwed, CIO & General Counsel for MASS Communications, was recently profiled on the Vistage blog, Executive Street. He and his partners discussed the power of peer advantage, a concept that is truly the driving force of Vistage.

vistage nyc-1

David is a member of Vistage NYC CEO group. He manages MASS Communications information technology organization, plays a key role in formulating the company’s strategic direction, and is responsible for the oversight of all legal matters. He has more than seventeen years of Information Technology, Information Security, and Risk Management experience. Given his particular expertise and that the inclusion of a collaborative, group-oriented approach was so essential to the creation of MASS Communications, I followed up with David about his Vistage experience.


Why did you decide to join Vistage?

I decided that I needed to join when I saw my partners’ excitement when they would return from their monthly Vistage meetings. There was such an incredible amount of knowledge that was gained from just that first session.

What is your most important take away to date?

That the problems we/I face running our company are not unique and that many businesses go through the same pains.  It’s become somewhat therapeutic to be in a room with other business owners and discuss openly challenges and to solicit feedback.

What value does Vistage provide for you?

Definitely the different outlook on my company’s challenges from others in different industries.  It’s great to hear how other companies are addressing similar challenges.  The speakers have also all been amazing.  I’ve been introduced to books and methodologies that were completely unknown to me prior to joining.


Peer advisory groups are the best kept secret to an organization’s success. Learn more about the influence of peer groups in The Power of Peers, out March 22.

Founding Member of New York Vistage Trusted Advisor Group Gil Fishman

February 16, 2016

Gil Fishman

Congratulations Gil Fishman on Five Years of Vistage Trusted Advisor Service!

Gil is a risk architect and senior vice president for York International Agency. York is a risk management and full service Insurance agency that provides property/casualty, life, disability, health insurance benefits and personal insurance policies for business owners and individuals. York offers a unique audit process to identify and mitigate risk issues that improves balance sheet protection and helps lower insurance costs.  York was named #1 Best Practices independent insurance agency and winner of The Westchester Business Council’s 2015 Hall of Fame Award.

In the past five years as a Vistage NYC Trusted Advisor, Gil has been actively engaged and an essential member of the group. Gil is truly an expert in his field and goes beyond the call of duty in providing services. One member saved over a million dollars in health insurance as a result of Gil’s counsel. Many of my CEO members have thanked me for the advice he provides.

Gil reflected on the impact of Vistage in his life and offered insights for other CEO’s:

“CEO’s become better leaders of their respective companies when they have an independent group of peers to process their issues and challenges. Vistage offers this benefit and many others. Vistage has made me a better human being, both in private life and in my business world. It has taught me the art of listening better, along with the core value of exhibiting trust and honesty in all my affairs.”

Thank you, Gil. It has been a pleasure to work with such a thoughtful and accomplished member for the past five years.

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